Marton Barcza – YouTuber | Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Relationship, Ethnicity, Career, Facts, Awards, Nationality

Quick Facts

Name Marton Barcza
Nationality Hungarian
Education Bachelor’s degree, international business
Occupation YouTuber
YouTube channels ‘TechAltar,’ ‘The Friday Checkout,’ and ‘The Friday Chillout’
Years active on YouTube 2014-present
Genre Technology and business
Subscribers 704K on ‘TechAltar’
Net worth Undisclosed
Partner Maja
Residence Berlin, Germany

Marton Barcza is a well-known tech YouTuber. On YouTube, he has 704K subscribers under the username “TechAltar.” Born and raised in Budapest, Hungary, Marton Barcza is a Hungarian. The Hungarian form of Martin is called “Marton.”

How much is the Net worth of Marton Barcza?

Marton Barcza is a well-known tech YouTuber who has more than 700k subscribers in his channel named “TechAlter.” His net worth is estimated to be around $500k USD.

How To Make a Friday Checkout Video | Nebula
Marton Barcza Net worth 2024 Via Nebula

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Education: High School, College and Education and Early Career

He enrolled in Corvinus University of Budapest in 2010 and completed his international business bachelor’s degree there in 2015. Marton studied as an exchange student at Beijing, China’s Renmin University of China from 2011 to 2012.

He was employed as a Sales Intern at Shenzhen Shentou Investment Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, from April to August 2012. Marton interned in KPMG Hungary as an auditor from September 2012 to March 2013. After that, he was employed in Budapest as a Google Ground Intern from September to December 2013.

Then, from November 2013 until May 2016, Marton was employed by Oppo in a variety of capacities, including that of Product Expert in China, India, the Philippines, and Malaysia; Hungarian Ambassador in Hungary; and Online Community Manager in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

He left his position at Oppo to work as a Product Marketing Manager at Delivery Hero in the Berlin Area, Germany, where he was employed from January 2017 to March 2018, with the goal of returning to Europe and being nearer to his family. Marton then gave up his work to focus on YouTube full-time.

His Passion for Technology:

When Marton was twelve, his father gave him his very first phone, a Nokia 3310. Marton’s father gave him the phone, which was water-damaged while surfing. He later got a tattoo of the Nokia 3310 on his leg after falling in love with the phone.

Marton owned three more Nokia phones after the Nokia 3310, including the Nokia 5210 and the Nokia 5310 XpressMusic. His obsession with these Nokia phones marked the beginning of his technological adventure. Before switching to smartphones, Marton used Nokia phones for a long time.

Professional Career of Marton Barcza:

“TechAltar” YouTube Channel:

He wants to make content like to that of the tech YouTubers, such as Marques Brownlee.

Marton became the Hungarian Ambassador for Oppo in November 2013 after beginning to volunteer for the organization. He used to get free early access Oppo handsets, and part of his work was to test and approve the phones’ software, translate the OS and applications into Hungarian, and advertise the phones.

Marton began posting videos of the Oppo phones on the TechAltar YouTube channel in Hungarian after he made the decision to review these phones and post the reviews on his channel. He released his debut video, “{1080P} OPPO Find 7a videó teszt,” on April 17, 2014.

Marton Barcza – YouTuber – TechAltar | LinkedIn
Marton Barcza and a website. Via TeachAlter | LinkedIn

The TechAltar YouTube channel was launched on October 4, 2013. Marton quickly came to the conclusion that making Hungarian YouTube videos is too specialized, so he began making English-language videos instead. Later, he worked for Oppo as an Online Community Manager.

Feeling that his position prevented him from providing unbiased reviews of Oppo products, he began writing reviews for products from other businesses. Marton gained extensive information about the technology industry and customer behavior while working at the successful company Oppo. This knowledge ultimately helped him become a popular YouTuber.

‘The Story Behind’ Series:

He became weary of reviewing goods and believed that he couldn’t offer much value to his review videos because there were already so many YouTubers discussing technology.

Additionally, at the time, the phones were mostly interchangeable, which made assessing them challenging because the review videos would frequently feature comparable phones. Marton made the decision to alter his channel’s specialty.

He chose to provide content on the workings of the phone industry as a whole, brand business decisions, and tech developments because he studied business, worked at Oppo, lived in China, traveled around Asia, and had solid knowledge of the phone sector.

This marked the beginning of the “The Story Behind” series. “Does Windows Phone have a future?” is the title of the first episode, which debuted on June 15, 2016. His review videos lost ground to this series in popularity.

Becoming successful

Marton switched to creating analytical videos for the “The Story Behind” series at a time when everyone else was doing review videos; this unique content helped him become a popular YouTuber. The TechAltar YouTube channel reached 100,000 followers in April of 2017.

Marton left his full-time job in March 2018 to focus solely on his YouTube channel. He had 804 subscribers on “The Friday Chillout,” 167K subscribers on his “The Friday Checkout” channel, and 704K subscribers on “TechAltar” as of February 2024.

How To Make a Friday Checkout Video | Nebula
How To Make a Friday Checkout Video. Via Nebula

Marton makes money from a number of sources, including affiliate marketing, merchandising, sponsorships, and YouTube ads. He has a group that assists him with his YouTube channels; the group consists of a writer for “The Friday Checkout” and two video editors.

Marton first filmed videos in his living room before relocating to a studio in 2022. He uses Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Adobe Premiere Pro for timeline creation, animation, and image processing in movie production.

What is the Story behind the Name of his YouTube Channel?

Marton used to run a gadget review channel on his channel, but one night at two in the morning he had the epiphany that the table he used to evaluate gadgets is like an altar to technology, so he called his channel TechAltar.

Other Projects

In March 2018, he and Maya founded the product review community “crowd.” Marton attended Le Wagon’s two-month Full Stack Web Development bootcamp in order to produce this.

However, he closed down Crowd in August 2022 due to his increasing workload from his YouTube channels and other endeavors. Marton introduced the Nebula original series “Technorama.”

Who is the Girlfriend of Marton Barcza?

Marton and Maja, his girlfriend, are a couple. Prior to being bald, he had long hair. Germany’s Berlin is home to Marton.

Trivia and Facts

  • He is a polyglot as he knows English, Chinese, German, Hungarian, and French.
  • Marton’s favourite YouTubers are Michael Fisher of MrMobile (he loves his reviews), Andong of My Name Is Andong, and Alex Aïnouz.
  • He knows cooking Chinese, Indian, and Hungarian dishes.
  • The Philippines is Marton’s favourite vacation destination, and he loves diving there.
  • Berlin is his favourite city in the world.
  • Marton’s favourite games are Heroes of Might and Magic III, StarCraft, World of Warcraft, Medieval II: Total War, Shadow of Mordor, and The Witcher 3.
  • His plan is to spend money on charity, and he cares about the environment, open and free internet, foundations like Wikimedia Foundation, Mozilla Foundation.
  • He is mostly vegetarian.