Melissa Carone

Quick Facts of Melissa Carone

Name Melissa Carone
Age 30s
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Contract IT worker
Children 2
Education University of Michigan

Melissa Carone is a contract IT worker at the TCF Center in Michigan whose job duty includes the maintenance of voting machines.

Melissa was invited as an election fraud witness at a public hearing in Michigan. According to her, in the November 2020 race, ballot papers were smuggled inside food trucks.

In the absence of ample proof of systematic election bribery, Melissa Carone ‘s testimony was considered to be unfounded. The judge of Wayne County ruled that her allegation was “simply not credible.”

Since then, her sessions have gone viral, causing comparisons with “Saturday Night Live” characters. In the 2020 election, Joe-Biden became the 46th President-elect, while Trump’s campaigners contested the outcome.

Trivia and Facts

1. The Trump campaign’s star witness, Melissa Carone’s age remains unknown. She’s probably in her 30s.
2. She’s essentially an IT contract worker at the TCF Hub. During a congressional hearing, she testified that the ballot papers had been smuggled onto food trucks.
3. It is not clear whether or not she is married and has a husband. Her trial sessions have so far gone viral, attracting millions of views. Sooner than not, the specifics of her will emerge.
4. No information on its net worth is available. She’s not a star, in all honesty. After the hearing, she attracted headlines from all over the place. Otherwise, she’s a woman of the average working class.
5. Despite an unverified series of charges of election manipulation, the testimony of the Trump campaign’s star witness was overruled at the hearing.
6. Needless to mention, the charm of the blonde is Trump’s backer. And her social media accounts show her love for former President Trump.
7. A clip where Rudy Giuliani sucked her was watched millions of times before.
8. Carone has signed an affidavit, which is a written document that has been sworn to be valid.
9. Graduated from the University of Michigan, she holds an associate degree in computer information systems administration and management.
10. Carone gained the spotlight after she had argued with Republican State Senator Steve Johnson at the court hearing.

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