Sabrina Soares

Sabrina Soares is a talented recording artist who has adorned her career with pop and R&B tracks.

As a novice, it’s hard to settle down in the music industry within a year, particularly when you don’t have a musical family history. However, Sabrina is a mastermind who mixes her version of music into a crooked album.

Matter of reality, in 2016, she debuted with her self-made EP titled “Plan-A.” Today, she is a pop celebrity who thrives in the field of music. She’s been immersed in music since she was 13. It is inspired by musical artists such as Drake, Jhene Aiko, etc.

10 Facts of Sabrina Soares

1. Sabrina Soares is a wonderful future musical talent. She’s issued a revolutionary hit debut song, “Project A.” Songs are crooked and worth listening to. If you haven’t seen it, you will locate the songs on YouTube.
2. Rising musical artist Sabrina Soares prefers to keep her age out of the media spotlight. However, her birthday will be on the 20th of October.
3. Sabrina Soares is yet to be featured on Wikipedia. Her bio is, however, visible on other pages.
4. She’s standing tall with a good height. The challenge here is that we cannot trace the exact number.
5. In comparison, viewers are also curious to learn about a celebrity’s sex life. But, you’re not going to get any Sabrina flings on the internet. She’s living a single happy life.
6. Speaking regarding Instagram, Soares has no account yet. She still prefers to connect with her Facebook followers.
7. It’s still time to reflect on her parents. She was originally born to a Russian mom and dad who migrated to Australia later.
8. As of today, she’s staying in Toronto, Canada, using the chance to make things better in the music industry.
9. Sabrina began composing songs at the tender age of 13.
10. She doesn’t have a set type, but she likes pop and R&B songs.

Facts of Sabrina Soares

Name Sabrina Soares
Birthday October 20
Age 15-25
Gender Female
Height 5 Feet 3 Inches
Nationality Australian/ Canadian
Profession Musician
Married/Single Single
Facebook @SabrinaSoaresMusic


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