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The religious beliefs of the infamous Scottish serial killer have been debated. It has prompted inquiries such as, “Is Serial Killer Robert Black Jewish?”

Robert Black, a Scottish serial killer and pedophile, was convicted of kidnapping, raping, and murdering four girls aged 5 to 11 in the United Kingdom between 1981 and 1986.

In 1994, he was convicted of three murders and sentenced to life in prison. He was convicted of a fourth murder in 1981 in 2011. Between 1969 and 1987, the perpetrator is accused of committing multiple further child killings in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Europe. The hunt for Black was one of the most exhaustive murder investigations in the United Kingdom throughout the twentieth century.

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Is Serial Killer Robert Black Jewish? Religion and Ethnicity

Robert did not identify with any religious group. He was born in 1947 in Grangemouth, Scotland, to an unmarried mother, Jessie Hunter Black. His biological father’s identity is unclear.

As an infant, he was placed in foster care and took on the surname of his foster parents, the Tulips. There is no proof that he followed Judaism or any other religion. During the inquiry and trials for his crimes, his religious background was never brought up.

The perpetrator claimed no religious affiliation and was nurtured in a secular atmosphere by his foster parents. Black was reared by the Tulips in Kinlochleven till his parents died when he was 11 years old.

There is no evidence that Black was raised in any religious tradition throughout his youth or adolescence, which might have piqued people’s interest in his faith.

Robert Black's Ethnicity and Religion
The claimed “Robert Black Jewish faith” has sparked speculation about his genuine religious beliefs. (Source: BBC)

He does not appear to have been baptized or to be a member of any church. Later in life, while he stood trial for his heinous acts, his religious background was never brought up as a topic of conversation or evidence that Robert Black was Jewish.

The well-known killer did not link himself with any religious belief, including Judaism, based on the information available regarding his background and personal classification.

His foster parents appear to have reared him in a completely secular setting, and he did not personally adopt any faith.

Who are the parents of Robert Black? | Family and Siblings

As previously stated, Robert Black was born illegitimately to Jessie Hunter Black in 1947, and the identity of his birth father is unclear. Jessie intended to adopt him and relocate to Australia, but he was not adopted.

He was instead put with a foster couple, the Tulips, when he was six months old. Black was raised by the Tulips in Kinlochleven until their deaths in 1958.

Robert Black's Murder Records
Robert Black and four of his victims: Evil Robert Black feared to have murdered as many as 16 girls, Photo Source: Daily Record

He had no contact with his original mother, Jessie, and was unaware of his biological father. He also had no communication with any of his original family’s extended family. His only family was with his foster parents, the Tulips, who died when he was in his adolescence. He was raised in care institutions and had no relatives from then on.

Ethnicity of Black Robert

Black was of Scottish descent, the son of two natural white Scottish nationals of the United Kingdom. His mother, Jessie Hunter Black, was a white Scottish woman who gave birth out of wedlock in Grangemouth, Scotland, as previously stated. The killer’s unknown biological father was almost certainly a native Scot as well. The Tulips, his foster parents, were also ethnic Scots.

He lived exclusively among white Scottish communities in Scotland during his boyhood in Kinlochleven and the various care institutions he was placed in. The murderer never claimed to be multi-ethnic or multi-racial. Robert can be classed as a white Scottish man with no mixed race based on his parentage and upbringing.

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